Munich in snow

Munich in snow…

* is nicer to the eyes than the throat

** feels alien & yet like a snug childhood memory

*** has an incredible effect on increasing inertia and the need for infinite cups of tea

Munich in snow in 2015

As I get closer to leaving Munich, a second time around, I am feeling a tinge of in-orderliness. I feel no sense of control and I wonder why I am so attached to that. Munich and especially the one in snow, shall always be special for it gave me the gift of my own company. I realized how I loved being by myself. It’s the first time ever that I stayed all alone for a long year. I am excited to get to the boy’s company finally. I also feel insanely tired and buzzed at the same time. And I positively dislike those men/women who give me sermons or question whether I am doing the right thing. I also vehemently dislike men/women who tell me this is the end of my life. And those who think it’s the most natural thing to do since I am a girl. It’s not natural. It’s a choice. Also, basically I am currently in dislike mode because I hate change in general. So, before you start, all my sensitive antennas are up.

The last night‘s sorted at Augustiner.

  1. thanks for reminding me of the post Y. I think we do confuse what is practical to the world with what is rational to us 🙂

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