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The reason I was first interested in Neverwhere was because it came from a television series and was placed all around the London metro (which at that time I understood), then many years later, with an unrelated mention on an email, I remembered it again. So I Flipkart-ed it.

I’ve not read too much fantasy. Hardly any urban fantasy. None of any horror fantasy. Neverwhere didn’t really scare me, but made me aware of the gaps in the metro. It played on my underplayed personal notion of what if there were a world that existed that I couldn’t see. I think I still half believe in that. Like a twisted half-chance, that makes you stop a while.

Could be a song on the radio
Could be that feeling from long ago
Could be that accidental photo I find
When I’m lookin’ for somethin’ else
But I found you

Never a day goes by
Without something
Stopping me hard in my tracks
I could be happy
And I’ll never know it
Till never a day comes back

Strangely the darker London below knew everything about the London above, but it wasn’t the other way around. So effectively, the parallel world that exists in my world sees me, distinctly. There are Doors that open it. Angles with halos. The real seven sisters. And even with all the darkness, and perhaps because of it, an Atlantis that exists. And much perhaps like Richard, it won’t be tough to fall into the temptation and I even may hew a path into a Neverwhere.

I promptly ordered the more known American gods next. @Neilhimself lives mostly in Minneapolis, just so, people who live closer, perhaps find him in a bookshop, or a dark alley, more likely.

PS: Wood, Serendipity

  1. Rohit- Yes wanted to look at Sandman. One at a time 🙂

    Je- 🙂

    Y- I am struggling with FBR Y! It makes me think too much, so I’m totally slow on it

    Dushyant- on me desk as of now, very fat. so likely to take time

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