#NewintheCity: The 3rd Annual Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor

Last Sunday was easily my best day in Ann Arbor so far. Naturally, it had something to do with books. We went to the 3rd annual Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor. It was so cool, it felt totally like Daryaganj or a much bigger version of Om book shop. I also randomly met the president of the organizing committee (Aunt Agatha’s bookstore owner). That’s another story though! 🙂

#NewintheCity- The 3rd Annual Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor

It felt like a long Daryaganj road, except that, the authors were behind the stalls themselves. I attended a social media for authors session (which I count as work and will be on the other brandanew blog). BUT I actually saw Jonathan B. Wright. He had to ask me to not get so excited :-). He has been known to be making the fairy doors in Ann Arbor. They started appearing since 2005 and a goblin door also seems to have come up recently, obviously because the goblins are jealous of urban fairies. I’ve followed the map and discovered one door already :D.

There were gifts, fiction, beautiful book nooks, book jewelry, edible books, conversations on storytelling, writing and short stories. I wish I had stayed longer!

Guess what book I found?

#NewintheCity- The 3rd Annual Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor Someplace Else

Immediate reminder that I want to start reading again. I feel this immense guilt of not having read anything in a while. Even though everyday feels like I’m reading tons. This makes me strongly reiterate that I am surely not moving to Kindle or electronic books. How could I?

What have you read recently?

  1. I read Persepolis and kafka’s Metamorphosis in the last week,
    I loved, loved, loved the first one and am ambivalent about the other.
    So I would highly recommend Persepolis to you. The art, the story, the cultural lessons and the author’s individual voice made a huge impact on me. Please please do procure a copy from somewhere! 😀

    1. thanks for the tips Y! I will check out Persepolis. I just am not feeling Kafka these days 🙂

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