It’s Not Just the Paris Agreement- It’s YOU

Many adults on my social media timelines seem horrified that the United States today pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate change. China and United States report the highest carbon emissions globally. If you’ve lived anywhere else, it doesn’t take much to notice how much energy is consumed in the US. However, it is also hypocritical to make fun of President Trump (his policy was clear before he was voted in) or his party without looking at our own climate policies/ actions.

It's Not Just the Paris Agreement- It's YOU

Drawing inspired by the High Street by Alice Melvin

Here’s something to consider:

  • It’s not over: Pulling out of the climate change agreement may delay policy support and the world as a whole may not be able to meet the climate goals on time. But the private sector will not necessarily stop the initiatives that are already in place.
  • Education/ Conversations: Since a large population voted in the current government despite its climate agenda, it is worthwhile to educate those who believe climate isn’t an issue worth talking about. It’s important to know why the ‘other side’ doesn’t seem to have a concern about the planet.

What personal choices are YOU making instead of criticizing the Paris agreement fall out?

Here are things to consider instead of making memes on how the President got it all wrong or spending time on social media:

  • Are you shopping sustainably? Or do you shop based on mere price?
  • Do you support sustainable businesses? Here’s a good ethical fashion list to begin with. It’s expensive, but it’s also good quality. You buy less and save more. You pay ethically.
  • Have you gone to schools to educated kids and indulged in some real-life activity for your cause?
  • Do you consider people using public transport losers? Are you voting for public transport in your city?
  • How many clothes do you buy in a calendar year? Do you know that over 80% fast fashion clothes end up in landfills each year in the US?
  • What’s your policy on decluttered/ responsible living?

This isn’t just true of the United States but any large country with a big population. The government may decide differently, but so can the citizens. Creating demand for sustainable businesses is in our own hands. So, instead of wasting time criticizing someone you have no control over, it’s nicer to focus on things that you can achieve. Productivity on climate isn’t found behind hidden computer screens. It’s in our own actions.