Before my Bombay post (I think I raised my own expectations so much :)), this. I’ve been wanting to get back into the exercise mode for a long time. Divya pushed me (literally) to the gym, Sohini into the pool, I found the choicest of excuses, and then eventually I started on community Yoga. Friends like Tanvi ask me how it’s going- helps me keep at it, swear! The reason I even wanted to get into it was cos I travel a long distance (NOIDA-Gurgaon) and I was feeling overtly stressed, irritated. If these were 20s, I told myself, the 40s were near doomed. Hence, the Yoga. Plus of late I crave peace. Community cos, they make it very embarrassing, when you don’t turn up.

Last week (after 4 previous weeks) I was named the group skipper, i.e. since we go through the same routine everyday, I was to spell out the asanas, and the pranayams for people to start with those (they’re timed, the skipper keeps note of that). However, this one aunty who joined a week or so back (over-enthused and gyaandaata kind) was hell bent upon “correcting” everyone. This is the way it’s done, oh you missed this, or that. While I was trying to do the routine, spell it out and maintain time, at the same time, it was just distracting. I decided to ignore her (never works). Later when we finished, she came to me and said she wanted my paper too. I had maintained a list/cheat sheet to not goof up the order- not something anyone gave me, but of my own accord. This wasn’t cool with her. She thought the organiser had given me extra gyaan and she was being left out. I didn’t share my paper cos it wasn’t useful at all. I had my own shorthand on it, nothing legible to anyone else, but she made sure she saw it, to feel secure.

Later I thought, all this was only cos she was probably Monica in class, raising hands all the time, probably even before the question was asked. All that mattered, was “I’ve gotta do it first, noone goes ahead of me, I’m the mother goose”. Some people just do not grow up. She repeated the same nukta-cheeni approach on all people the next day and the day after that day. Guess it’s a habbit. I actually felt bad for her (real) kids. And, needless to say, her own routine, ability isn’t as classy as thinks it is. Perhaps, finding faults with others is easier. After all, objectivity about the self (for everyone, me too) is a rare attribute, no?

Ending with an autowallah type, but relevant (I think) quote, AB quoted on Twitter:
Umr bhar yuhin hosh hum khote rahe…gard chehre pe jami thi, aaina dhote rahe

And here’s hoping, the next time she’s quieter, or atleast follows horn, ok, pleaseee!

Peace out!

PS: My new phone *grin* and hope it works *fingers crossed* !! Source: Google images (

  1. Thanks you! Start Yoga soon! It’ll be cool to hear you talk about it (also I’ve always wondered about the best Yoga ‘look’ :)) and yes, now that I am going to go for a vacation for a few days, aunty shall be forgotten 😉

  2. Awww! First of all, I am touch that you think I make a difference in your life *hugz* … Secondly, you are motivating me RIGHT NOW to get back to my yoga class since I have been the ‘skipper’ due to travel and family and lalallala! Thirdy, I am so proud of your for making the changing in your life and fitness. I know the commute in Delhi is a KILLER!!!

    P.S. I hope that ‘AUNTY’ shuts up! And Really, her POOR children! *condolences to them*

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