Oh I, I want to be with you everywhere…

On days of perfect songs and settings.

Everywhere Catalonic from upasna kakroo on Vimeo.

Can you hear me calling
Out your name
You know that I’m falling
And I don’t know what to say

I’ll speak a little louder
I’ll even shout
You know that I’m proud
And I can’t get the words out

C’mon baby
We better make a start
You better make it soon
Before you break my heart

Oh I,
I want to be with you everywhere
(Wanna be with you everywhere)

  1. Y- yes back! Fancy place but hardly spent downtime there with so much in the conf. And I am getting to your questions still, soon! 🙂

    I loved the sequence in which suddenly you show up among the barcelona streets and houses and beaches 😀
    Also fancy place for a conference!

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