One part yellow; one part blue…

Friday morning was adventurous (rare that). I came out of my room at 6:40 am, late, and in a hurry to pick up my glass of milk from the table (to be gulped down in the car to the train station, hoping today papa is less sleepy and I don’t spill it on my clothes). And then, mother gave me a quick survey glance and brightened up. I thought it were the yellow of my tee reflecting. But she went a step further, and for the first time since the 18th century, claimed, “looking smart”. I immediately looked down at me, thinking there was something wrong (my mother’s compliments are like Halley’s comet). Papa decided not to be left behind (also shocked like me perhaps) and gave me that discerning look, and decoded with authority and pride- “oh you’re wearing a Michael Jackson shirt”. I noticed, he had stopped reading after the initial few alphabets and assumed they couldn’t stand for any else. So I corrected promptly, and mentioned this were a gift. That made my mother even more happy ( how rare that someone else could gift me something she liked as much).

Papa decided to continue the discussion in the car. He was hurt it weren’t Jackson’s M, but instead what he decided were a uniform from a school. Again I corrected. And then, I didn’t have any answers for why the colours were yellow and blue.

Though, it was amazing how they manifested and held my current life together. The blue line to home. The yellow to work. Even when I keep missing those trains.

Btw sister and I sang ourselves hoarsely into sleep. I even told her a Gulzar song she didn’t know. She didn’t believe me, but I felt so smug ! 🙂 Oh and one other song that we both know, and like…also cos it’s from times people casually wore sarees to work…

  1. Dushyant: Wonder if it would have mattered if it were fuschia and florescent green too…

    S: Put up a picture! 🙂

  2. wat coincidence, i was listening to this song o youtube simultaneously when i came to blogur and started reading this post.
    you gave me a good idea….wearing blue, yellow and red in an outfit!!!…thats the three metro lines that define my work home relationship!!!

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