Curiouser and Curiouser

I write and draw to sleep better. This blog started in 2003, and the goals in life and in this space changed slowly. Here's what I am trying in 2018.

Stay Connected

Internally to what my mind and body look for in terms of inspiration. This space is a collection of what's moving me.

Simplify Everything

I draw art and illustrate for children. My latest book is based on a little beaver. These nourish my soul and give me a childhood.

Get Inspired

I kon-mari everything. I draw and collect what makes me feel the love. Some personal projects are available for you to work through too.

Someplace Else is a personal journey across four countries and 15 years that sometimes went by too quick and sometimes felt like eras all by themselves. It is my aim that this space acts like an anchor for me to breathe, and intentionally choose what brings me (and hopefully my readers) inspiration.

All content and images are (c) Someplace Else 2003-2018. Everything that’s not ours is credited to the respective owners. If you find an inconsistency, please write directly HERE and it will be changed.

As I'm Writing

my new stories