Reina Sophia – Falling In Love With Art In Spain

Modern art anywhere is tough to decipher, or sometimes just hard to understand. Famous art came to my life much later that I would have liked. But if you go through Reina Sophia, falling in love with art in Spain isn’t hard.  My heart’s of course been Dali’s for a long time (and there’s no change to that), but I also distinctly loved looking at Joan Miro’ and Manual Millares. In fact Reina Sophia doesn’t seem to have Dali’s best work, and I was lucky to see it in Munich last year.

Reina Sophia and Madrid was showing art from various other artists as a seasonal thing. Federico Guzmán’s Tuiza installation was fantastically creative and Ree Mortan’s signs of love was a monumental disappointment (or maybe I just don’t get it!).

Considering I was inspired by the more Dali-sh and bright Joan Miro’ art, I allowed myself to get inspired and try it out (gasp!). I drew from his original- while in a park in Madrid- inspired by a thousand art students with their fancy art books sketching. But, when it came close to finishing it- a week later at home, I refrained from looking at his original colour displays, and continued working on colours as they made sense to me.  I couldn’t touch Dali or a Vincent (ever!) but I did feel fancy giving Miro’ a spin 🙂 I’ve not been drawing/painting since 8th standard, so be kind!

Reina Sophia Joan Miro Spanish art

Reina Sophia Joan Miro Upasna Kakroo Art

(On the attempt above, I used charcoal and water paint)

Reina Sophia opens to free public viewing in the evening, there really is no reason not to visit, if you’re around. I could stay put forever.

PS: Thank you again Meera, by being an inspiration to share art (I usually hate sharing what I draw, but now l try).

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