Rooting for intimacy in communication…

I no longer dislike how year after year, people on my phone list move to the email list, onto the Facebook list and finally to the nowhere list. I think it’s just regular for everyone post kindergarten. I’m also lucky for things which do the opposite, sometimes with rare serendipitous events. In the end, I think it all gets balanced. I’ve also made peace with how with some people the levels never change- and that in itself is admirable over time.

The girl on the metro who so intently told me how her husband works in intensive care unit in Fortis, and how she was thus covering a large distance in the metro- since he couldn’t, and insisted I travel back sooner, cos it weren’t safe for girls- as her non Delhi parents had told her, may’ve struck me as lonely in the city crowd, but she started directly at level 10, quite the opposite in ‘today’s times’. And I’m going to remember that a while. I’ve always wondered if it’s easier to do with a clean, you’re-a-stranger slate though. And then I wonder if even at that, it means anything.

Then it struck me that perhaps while I’m happy with each of the states, the fact is, it would be a lie to say I didn’t want the movement one level up every time. Knowing very well that these may not be step ups in every relationship and don’t have to follow an order, in real life.

But I like the visualization. Brings in outside-in perspective 🙂

[Sometimes I can’t believe how work-like my communication has become!]

Picture shared by @arorakim on level 1 😉

PS: And it’s fair to say, I feel lucky with every strong connect I make irrespective of levels, because, I’ve truly come to believe that life gives you what you need the most, at that time.

  1. There is no level. No logic. No standard to human connections. The magic lies in the connection itself. It start wherever in the most unlikely of places. At the unexpected levels with the most unusual people 🙂 Here’ s to some magic in your life.

  2. 🙂 Sometimes it’s easier to talk to strangers because you don’t have any history with them? You talk, man ka bojh halka karke, move on….

    LOL the chart!

  3. @C- Have grown up the believe nothing follows any order, even the ppl we interact with 🙂 so ya finally everything’s abt change

    @ Dushyant- They should add ‘moral’ Facetime for you instead 😉

  4. I feel 9 is more intimate than 10 🙂 Perhaps its because you cant believe how pointless you look through a web cam.

  5. We tend to interact more with people immediately around us.. when we move on from school to college, college to job and so on… as they say, change is the only constant thing 🙂

  6. Tanvi- hehe! 🙂 it’s just a fun exercise, I hope in the future, we get to meet often though 🙂

    Rachit- that’s so true! Being gracious is something I think we always need to strive towards too!

    S- Ha! You know in the end the levels hardly make a real difference, I loved it when we met the last time, we shud do that again!

    Lin- it’s fun! 🙂

  7. Also, every friend sometime or the other was a stranger and slowly move on to become what he/she is actually now.

    Meet everyone with an open heart and a face full of smile. May be he/she has something very gracious in return for you.

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