Seoul-full love…

Several sleepless but purposeful travel nights later, it’s okay to be cheesy on blog titles, especially if you’ve had cheesy quesadillas singlehandedly in between helpings of squid kimchi pancakes and an odd crocin. Of course it’s also exciting to be on the blog again!

After back to back years of working on the seoul and then being wistful about the seoul of a river. Last year’s odd email let itself transform into a voice with human pauses and whispers. This was the time to let go and be one with its charm (or find profound ways to say: time to have fun). There’s something about a third date, yes?

A run up and down a hill, a third time? City lights from up above and a moon to go with it. Surely something about observatory towers that makes people go loco about cross your heart feelings?

I <3 you?

When I was a child, I’d think the Taj was the ultimate authority in romance. Highly affected by Hindi movies of course. When I grew up I saw A <3 R on Qutub initially with interest and later with sheer contempt, because I didn’t quite understand the need of ruining an old monument by digging in such proclamations. And I was relieved to find, this wasn’t an India-only phenomena. It’s a flourishing industry. N-tower keeps the love and gets around the ruin. You get your share of sticky notes, tiles and postcards (and the highest post-office in Seoul) to declare, keep and send. (I still don’t quite understand the need of declaring it in the tower. I must be far too boring.)

//Purposeful digression:  My grandmother’s love tip came at the end of the Seoul party. To deepen love, you should give something (that is yours) to the person and get something from him, or her, for keeps. In the Victorian times, Jane Austen made them exchange “hair” (real), grandmother talked about watches and odd old rings. I thought shirts. Don’t you love my grandmother? I love such tradition.  //

Perhaps there’s no single reason connecting monuments and sticky love notes. Surely, it makes no difference whether it’s at the top, or not.  Perhaps there’s a little magic out there, in red, that they look out for.

Of course I sent out my postcard to Santa Claus, you can’t take chances with serious magic!

PS: Everyone needs sleep after 6 nights, even jet set go i love travel types.
Pictures from Loveleen’s camera

  1. Thanks Y! Aai’s scarf is so cute! 🙂 I haven’t read in a while..need to head back to it

    Jack Uncle- what keeps love is a really big question 🙂

  2. Upasna,

    Nice to see you back. So it was Seoul again. Does this show of PDA on heritage monuments make love any stronger? I do not think so as break ups are still there.

    Take care

  3. you were definitely missed 🙂 (full of love! ;))
    and you seemed to have had an adventure, so a little jealous too. (jealousy is allowed in love ;))
    and may be I would exchange paper, with something scribbled ? (I carry a scarf cut out of aai’s silk saree too!)

    P.S. 50% done with FBR. it has started making sense now!

  4. @ Rohit, mi lord! by the power of attorney vested in the wake of the midnight hour 😀 😉

    S- hehe! to each his own I guess 🙂

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