Get Your Music Out of Your Head: Share Your Creativity

I‘m reading Julia Cameron’s magnum opus where she’s talked about a couple of tools on how to share your creativity. It re-addresses a very old argument: are artists born or can they be made? There’s no denying that some people have a inherent talent and are born with special powers. However, a lot of our creativity – from drawing to writing songs is a function of pure practice and exposure. The question Julia asks is spiritual. We are born to be creative. Are we giving ourselves the permission to be so?

How to Share Your Creativity

Get your music out of your head Marc Johns1. Morning pages: if you feel creatively blocked, morning pages is a great tool. All you do is find fifteen minutes in the morning and get three pages of your notepad. Write down all that hits your mind. As a rule of thumb, this writing is not meant for beautiful prose. It’s a space to express your frustrations, distractions and everything else on your mind. A lot of times it’s hard for me to focus on a single project because there’s so much else going on. Writing it down each day gets all these blockers out of your mind. You’re free to focus on the project you want to work on. It’s a decluttering project for the mind.

Status: I have not done it yet, because I am just struggling to get up earlier than I do. I need to find space and energy for this.

2. Meditating: You need to embrace stillness to conserve good energy.

Status: My friend Y shared the Headspace app with me. I still need to use it. But I am listening to Noisli as I work these days and it’s phenomenal.

3. Giving yourself the permission: No one says it better than Austin Kleon. Here’s your permission.

Status: I’ve often needed permission to end projects. I’ve also needed a push to believe that my work doesn’t need to follow the standards set by others. I’m learning this slowly.

4. Artist’s date: Again from Julia Cameron’s tool list, she recommends an hour or two of me-time. Without pets, children, or your spouse. This is the time you spend on your own thinking things through or creating something new.

Status: I like taking some time off on Fridays to get some me-time. It’s easier for me now without kids or pets, but it still takes effort to do so. What I enjoy doing on these “dates” is to go through a zillion children’s books. It makes me so happy!

How are you staying creative?

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