Since men dream only about other men…

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My aunt is generally, perhaps strangely very direct. So she asked a boy who’s about to fend for a bride, ‘what sort of a girl are you looking for’. His smart response was ‘Oh beautiful honi chahiye,  baki toh sab ladkiyon ka dimaag ek jaisa hota hai’ [The girl should be pretty, otherwise, in anycase all girls have the same (stupid?) mind]. I am not sure what it means. All of them would like pink clothes and a white horse and would be dying for the prince to save them? A very *obvious* ‘what’ expression followed at home, when ma narrated the story. She’s totally not going to like it that I put it up on the blog. But I thought it was so entertaining, it would be a pity to not say it. Besides, I really don’t know who the boy was, so this can’t kill him. And even if it did, he said it!

Coming back to the statement. My lovely sistah felt, if faced with such a guy I would *kill* him. She’s the kind who thinks I can get really cross, if something ticks me off. I think she secretly wishes she had the ability. I wish I had that ability every time, but sometimes I forget about it. Mother- who somehow knows me more (secretly) said, I wouldn’t be mean at all. I sort of agreed with that. I think I’d be far too disappointed or perhaps even intrigued to remember being mean. My family likes using me as a guinea pig in ‘what if ‘ discussions, so well, I was the case study, could’ve been anyone really.
Ma said girls bring this upon themselves because they try so hard to portray they want to be saved. I immediately quoted, isn’t that what all the fairy tales prescribed (ha!). Mother then decided to defend fairy tales- considering we fed so much on them as children-that none of the fairy tales girls are weak-minded. And it is not supposed to be taken so literally. I was in half-mind to talk about Shrek, but refrained 🙂 I don’t know where this was going honestly. Finally, ma ended it by saying ‘she doesn’t want to jinx it, but it runs in her family, like her mother too, her girls can take care of themselves’. This is when you reach ‘I don’t want to refute that point’ and end it with a nod.
I wouldn’t be mean/ cross/anything cos I were being a feminist. I’d be so, cos I don’t essentially understand generalizations so much. Though, truth be told, meeting such a person (in real life) would be thoroughly intriguing. And then I think it could even top my metro rides’ entertainment.  Obviously cos even if I disagree, it’s so amazing to meet people who have strong sweeping generalizations to make, openly. I did that too in old times. These days, I refrain from doing so, purely cos I grew up and don’t fancy being wrong all the time, so I just take care. Sweeping generalizations are for friends to hear out, when we can argue, fight and laugh over them. *I’m still giving him a benefit of doubt that probably he said only wanted to sound cool and get heads turning towards him, hell perhaps he dreamt that someone would blog about it as well ;)* And he sure does remind me of the person who wrote the ‘don’t befriend any strangers’ instruction for the Delhi metro. Aren’t you intrigued (almost) to know what makes anyone say so?
I came upon this *dream facts* on the web. It says men tend to dream more about other men. This is because they can’t somehow accept their feminine side. Women on the other hand dream equally about men and women. Now, well, who wrote that too! 😉 And then *here’s where* all you smart people reading the blog, make a wish for the boy. Let’s hope he gets the girl he dreams of- oh I mean the girl who dreams about him, or not? And then, for his own sake, let’s hope he fights the demons well. 
  1. i judge too…bur then I think this generalization may’ve stemmed from pure lack of experience. And many people tend to hide that aspect about themselves. While I really think there;s no harm in saying ur not experienced, but I think tht makes ppl feel not so in control…

  2. I would have jumped to argue when such a generalization was ever made in my presence but now I too have learnt after being burnt several times. I too find such people intriguing … while they go on blabbering I think to my self how dumb are they and they will go through life never knowing how dumb they really are. I know I know, I judge much? Very much! 🙂

  3. There was a time when i would immediately flare up and argue when people made such generalized statements in front of me… but now as you said i am intrigued.. Its more of an interest (sometimes combined with pity). I seriously wonder what makes their brain tick the way it does!!!

    And ya good luck to the guy!

  4. +100 for Entertaining! 😀
    and generalizations fail me too. Not that I am a saint and never indulged in them. But the growing up has to happen.
    If thought the other way round, if all of us grew up there would be no entertainment!

    anywho best wishes to the guy. may he fight his demons 🙂

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