Sister love: The art of being put together

“I used to live 4 miles from office. I swear I would wake up twenty minutes before I needed to reach office. I’d take a bath in the night and get a dress on and be in office. Then they’d say, you look so well put together. Only because I wore a dress. I’m telling you, the key is: wearing a dress. That’s why I wear so many dresses.”

My sister and I would often need to go to office at the same time, and were always getting each other late with the bathroom situation. However, no matter how late it were, she’d never be stopped from ironing her clothes to perfection, seemingly unfazed by what was happening around her and just be put together. She’s always claimed how she’s her dad’s daughter. But the older she grows, she seems to be turning into her mother. Immensely personable.

Kashmiri Wedding
First public outing: Chacha’s wedding as a baby

It’s not just because it’s her birthday today, but I do wish, one day when I grow up, I’m like her: put together.

She did start early though. Our childhood memories of her begin with the black taxi mother got her home in on day zero. They continued often with her dressed up, shoes on socialising with all the neighbours every day while I sat with my pillows. And in that 2000 picture, those jeans may seem nothing (now) but they were laced in my 90s mind exquisitely with that Pond’s haircut. In my attempt to pretty up my act, I wore them once secretly (confession) and had my Cinderella moment, while still wishing to be what she was and continues to be, a harbinger of our happiness.

Rouf folk dance Kashmir
the coveted jeans and Pond’s haircut

I love quoting Susie. She has the most wonderful things to say. Especially these dressy euphemisms.


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