End of Summer Blues: So, Where Did the Summer Go?

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. Instead of a consistent, numbing headache that comes from mild 80 degree heat, I feel a crisp whiff of air. As sunlight falls on trees, the leaves gleam in all shades of a slow burning, nearly-there orange. They’re itching to change color. On the other hand, in the deep throes of end of summer blues, I am the face of pure terror. Just where did the summer go?

In a country/state of a six month winter, it becomes necessary to plan for summer. I feel like I did nothing except run away for a 5-day trip to meet my mum. Summer weekends just ran through my fingers, like sand. I forgot to channel my inner German and plan for every weekend by January. I’m also guilty of calling days “too warm.” It’s true that I don’t do well with temperatures in the 90s (anything post 30 degree centigrade). BUT, I already miss the freedom of stepping out in the sun without needing layers.

End of summer blues- So, Where Did the Summer Go

Things I Missed Out On: My End of Summer Blues

  • A good beach holiday, or even just going to Silver lake!
  • Growing summer plants
  • Finding my go-to swimsuit
  • A relaxed Friday that lasted forever
  • Walking in forests (we went camping once in the whole summer)
  • Reading a long, beautiful book
  • Enjoying leisure time (this requires a whole another post. I feel I need to re-learn how to live slowly without distractions)
  • Joining a class to learn something new (I had multiple ideas)

Things I loved in the summer (No, not all was lost)

  • Meeting my mom and my best friend all the way in Kasauli!
  • Making new friends and getting some coffee breaks
  • Drawing (especially with my nephew)
  • Getting off work by 2pm on Friday
  • Less traffic in the summer break time
  • Game of Thrones / Aziz Ansari 

I’ve already roasted and cooked my first pumpkin soup. Maybe I already need to have a bucket list for fall and winter.