Soch Kral’s Kashmiri Sufism through Rasheed Hafiz…

Soch Kral was a sufi poet from Kashmir, who wrote extensively in Kashmiri, taking the sufi movement ahead.  Sufi poets in the valley grew with the growth of Islam in the valley, that saw the intermingling of the Hindu & Islamic thought. Kashmiri Sufism in the valley was led by mysticism and self-realization. Sufi saints preached love, and some (Lala Ded) were evolved enough to think that God was within them. Soch Kral took this movement further…

Today, I discovered the most beautiful rendition of Soch Kral’s poetry by discovering the music of Abdul Rasheed Hafiz. Generally I don’t understand Kashmiri songs so well, but Rasheed’s diction is so clear and the poet’s thought so fascinating, that it’s impossible not to hear it on loop.

Soch Kral’s Kashmiri Sufism through Rasheed Hafiz…

Sufi saints, talk with beautiful context and references, a la Mirza Ghalib. While Ghalib is the only one I’ve read slightly, I love the use of references. And it’s so pretty to discover that most of (good) Kashmiri poetry- since it’s Sufi- also uses in-direct references liberally.

It’s sort of sad that Kashmiris who will praise the love for God, and recognize it as the only path (to self realization) do not perhaps express basic human love for each other with equal elan. Perhaps, in their urge to see the real meaning, they forgot to see the literal one (quite contrary to the rest of the world, where people go far more by the literal word).

The song, with my literal translation, you discover your own (real) meaning with each word, which I’ve refrained from getting into.

dapyomas baliyaras yaer laagav| I told my beloved, let’s be friends
taym dopnam bozwun chus kon laagav| He said, I keep hearing this, so let’s try

dapyomas boznavtam chus ba banday| I said, tell me, I am also my own person
taym dopnam boozmyit gayi sharmanday| He said, the ones who heard, were mortified

dapyomas myati baavtam panun asun| I said, show me/ let me feel (in front of you) my self as well
taym dopnam paen panas khur chu kaasun| He said, your scruples need to be resolved by the self

dapyomas kya chu andar kya chu nyabar| I said, what is it that lies inside and what lies outside
taym dopnam yi chu andar ti chu nyabar| He said, whatever is inside is outside

dapyomas nokhta os na ta aav katay| I said, wasn’t it a dot, where did (all this) come from
taym dopnam pokhta sapdakh aashq watay| He said, you’ll become enlightened on the path of love

dapyomas mokhta aashqun vaav na myate| I said, why don’t you sow the seed (pearl) of love in me
taym dopnam vavatay chi thavakh katey| He said, I would’ve sown, but where will you keep it?
dapyomas yeech kya chay pokhta giri| I said, what is this fancy enlightenment  that you have
taym dopnam karvun chus dastagiri| He said, I’m used to blessing (others)

dapyomas chuk cha kuney la shareek| I said, you’re one, alone (without a partner)
taym dopnam tamichi chay myaen tareek| He said, that’s what my style is made of

dapyomas ath tareekas hymay zaagay| I said, of this style, I’ll be wary (and keep note)
taym dopnam harna chashman saurma laagav| He said, I’ll put kohl in your deer eyes

dapyomas saurma lagith kya chu banaan| I said, what does putting in kohl achieve?
taym dopnam poz ti apuz ada chu nanaan| He said, that’s how you will see the truth and lie

dapyomas jama kath kith chu rangaan| I said, why are you dyeing your clothes?

taym dopnam rangavyin chusa kainsi mangaan| He said, do I charge you anything for the colours?
dapyomas rangavyin kona chuk chi mangaan| I said, why don’t you charge for the colours?
taym dopnam phalavith cham haara pyavaan| He said, I’ll get the money in piece-meal
dapyomas jaama vozil chi che paanas| I said, you’ve red clothes on your self
taym dopnam vih kamik chi la makaanas| He said, what (varied) forms does your self have?
dapyomas kanh chu aabaad kanh chu varaan| I said, someone is ensconced, while someone is desolate
taym dopnam tami saeth cham kaem neraan| He said, that’s how I’m able to get my work done
dapyomas kona chuk parvaay melaan| I said, why don’t you care about it?
taym dopnam chus ba parvayas ta gindaan| He said, I play with the care as well.
Vanaan Soch Kral Alif-as ma chi bandi| Says Soch Kral, there is no restraint for compassion (of God)
Vuchaan ghas Khuda saebainy Khuda-vandi| Keep observing the greatness of Khuda

PS: Pardon the accuracy, since this is based on what I thought I heard.

  1. Soch kral’s poetry is so impressive and only those who r tethered with sufism can try to know its cemented strength..

  2. Brilliant work man! I m myself a big fan.i’ve this song with me n i keep listening to it.thanks for the meaning

  3. Its fabulous work…i had an uncle spend an hour with me going back and forth through this song helping me understand as my kashmiri isnt that great…and so searched for it today for sake of posterity…great to find this piece!

    Btw, would you happen to have the other one “Pyari Cham Na nender ivaan” …lyrics and translation?

  4. Recently came across your blog. Its amazing!!I have always been a big fan of pieces that are written on the small things which we miss while going on with life!!You write very well, Gone through your previous posts as well, they all reflects an honest consideration of situations. Love it!<3!!I am your follower now!

  5. Oh we speak Kashmiri at home. It’s my mother tongue, so I picked it up as a child itself…though songs are harder to understand cos the references and words at times are tougher…

  6. Sounds beautiful due to your translation! Where did you learn the language?

    P.S. I am glad you got the co relation between the header image and the word – Infamous! That’s what I was going for! 🙂

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