Creative Mornings: Equality is a Moving Target

At my first Creative mornings session in Detroit, the presenter Brandon Christopher said something that has stayed with me. Equality is not a tangible thing. If you think you’ve arrived at equality, you’re fooling yourself. Equality is a moving target. As I mulled over it with a dose of women-oriented Indian films this last week,…

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#30DaysofMusic: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

I sketch and paint frequently most of which I update on my Instagram account. But I’ve been a little lax at updating the project I started in the summer. Painting or sketching with music brings this weird finality with itself. It feels like the song just ends for me once I sketch it out. Nevertheless, I’ve…

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Discovering the Van Gogh Trails In Europe

…go to Arles. And St. Remy. Discovering the Van Gogh trails in Europe is not hard, considering the size of the continent. But it is a significant path into your own self. I’m finding it particularly hard to type today, because, with a broken leg and stitches, the healing is likely to take time. Every fall…

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