Does Facebook make us unhappy?

Whether Facebook makes us unhappy or connected is a question that can readily show up conflicting answers. The night before yesterday, I had this massive urge to “look up” a few people who I had mercilessly thrown out of my Facebook account several years back. One thing led to the other, and I spent a large…

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Why do you blog ?

A friend of mine recently commented on my re-newed Pinterest activity and said, oh this can help your blog. I thought momentarily and snapped saying, I do not blog for money. At Someplace Else, that is true. This is a personal blog. I talk about people and services that make me happy and all of…

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The Tutu Project: Deutsche Telekom

Der Mann im rosa Tutu: The man in the Pink Tutu. I’m not a TV person at all. And yet in between the reality shows that I’m finding myself leaning towards (allowed by the little German that I can understand), I found the Tutu Project by Bob Carey. Bob’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast…

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