Does Facebook make us unhappy?

Whether Facebook makes us unhappy or connected is a question that can readily show up┬áconflicting answers. The night before yesterday, I had this massive urge to “look up” a few people who I had mercilessly thrown out of my Facebook account several years back. One thing led to the other, and I spent a large…

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Are You Creating Value For Others?

Last summer I attended an interesting leadership workshop which in the end led us to creating the top 3 things we’d like to ‘work-on’ to improve ourselves. It didn’t necessarily have to be just work. My top initiatives were all related to interpersonal skills including: appreciating people creating value for others spending time with people…

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Eating out: La Fattoria, Muenchen

I wish my keyboard had umlauts! Such a non-German giveaway :-/ [ Reason to buy a new laptop!] So well, 6 days into Muenchen and on the weekend I realised I couldn’t sit here at my apartment window desk, watch movies every weekend, or look at Facebook and never try anything. Every time I go…

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