Scarcity And a Desire For More

Edit/Addition: Creating artificial scarcity and a desire for more is an oft used psychological technique by brands that comes from basic psychology. Some reading here. An example could be Apple generating more sales when the demand somehow seems greater than the need showcased by long waiting lines or launch delays due to sold out tags. This…

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#Newinthecity: An Evening At Nashville, Tennessee

As was norm in our time in Europe, we’d pack our holiday bags, especially over “bridge days” and run off to neighboring countries. We visited France twice in two months. I still feel the saddest part about leaving Europe was Arles. And the very many ski resorts in Austria. And trains. And well, never mind. Now…

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23 Winters In Review

It’s not yet November, but I can’t wait more for December (birthday months are usually special). Over 23 Winters ago, I was offered a cake to be made in a pressure cooker considering all the shops were on curfew. For multiple reasons, that’s the only birthday gift I refused that year. This year, I would like…

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