#30daysofgratitude: Recounting What Gratitude Means

#30daysofgratitude Recounting What Gratitude Means

I’ve just managed to finish my long due 30 days of gratitude project and wanted to recount what gratitude means, for me, personally. It’s been a journey to think of and acknowledge people in my life who inspired me and made me feel more self-assured and improve as a person at work or life. It’s also … Read more#30daysofgratitude: Recounting What Gratitude Means

#30daysofgratitude: Who’s a Mentor?

#30daysofgratitude Who's a Mentor

Day 30: There’s a vast sea between bosses and mentors. Anyone who has had one would agree. Who’s a mentor, you ask? For me, it’s one of those few things that I find easy to define. It’s simply someone whose time I feel greedy for. Like Sai’s. In another lifetime, Sai had said that all these … Read more#30daysofgratitude: Who’s a Mentor?

#30daysofgratitude: Can You Pass On the Harsh Messages?

30 days of gratitude Shaunak Agarkhedkar

Day 29: It took way longer than I expected. But sometimes it just does, right? I am beginning to learn that I need to tone down my self-loathing.Like today, I realized, I could have walked over to the coffee shop for writing, or made some yummy mutton, and messaged Shaunak years ago instead of writing this post … Read more#30daysofgratitude: Can You Pass On the Harsh Messages?

#30daysofgratitude: Starting Your Life Now

30 days of Gratitude Jaya Chittoor

Day 28: *This is a post that I want to read to myself each day. As a reminder, that starting your life now is possible, but not easy. And I am inherently grateful to people whose inspiration I follow.* My first boss after I came back from Scotland, was called Jaya ma’am. From my first … Read more#30daysofgratitude: Starting Your Life Now

#30DaysofGratitude: The Art of Winning Wars

30 days of gratitude Gauri Kakroo

Day 27: My parents are usually kind. And by that I mean, they fight with softness and sometimes that world around them needs more than just that. The biggest influence in my life that’s allowed me to fight my battles and get my way around people who’re just a pain in the backside has been … Read more#30DaysofGratitude: The Art of Winning Wars

#30daysofgratitude: Discovering the Brightest Ideas

Rohit Mattoo 30 days of gratitude

Day 26: I’m sorry for anyone who doesn’t have this person in their lives. But, I am thrilled to announced that I do. Have you ever wondered how you could make your life more interesting? Discovering the brightest ideas. It really is how you bring new ideas into your banal 9 to 5 existence. We all go through … Read more#30daysofgratitude: Discovering the Brightest Ideas

#30DaysofGratitude: Taking Time Out To Share Happiness

30 days of Gratitude Vipin Kampasi

Day 25: This gratitude thing is on a roll recently :-). I’m not complaining. I am here to share happiness. After my fight with Facebook and this need to get anonymous happened in 2012, I slowly built it back. Naturally, some people were sacrificed in the transfer. Like transferring contacts from old SIM cards, I do occasionally churn … Read more#30DaysofGratitude: Taking Time Out To Share Happiness

#30DaysOfGratitude: Success Starts With a Belief That You Can

30daysofgratitude in order to succeed we must first believe hitesh ganjoo

Day 24: These days, as I’ve now entered the dreaded “year 2” of a Startup adventure, I’ve been needing a little more inspiration than usual. Success starts with a belief that this feeling of uneasiness will pass too. So, this one naturally fit the bill. Brandanew began in Germany, and my first new Indian client was … Read more#30DaysOfGratitude: Success Starts With a Belief That You Can

#30daysofGratitude: Because Teaching Is a Thankless Job

30 days of gratitude Meena Ma'am

Day 23:I haven’t written my gratitude posts in a while. It’s not that I didn’t paint them, but I did get off tracked a bit. These drawings were made in August last year, so it’s been a while…Moving on, admittedly for the longest time, I wanted to do nothing with teaching, because my mother has been … Read more#30daysofGratitude: Because Teaching Is a Thankless Job

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