Does Facebook make us unhappy?

Whether Facebook makes us unhappy or connected is a question that can readily show up conflicting answers. The night before yesterday, I had this massive urge to “look up” a few people who I had mercilessly thrown out of my Facebook account several years back. One thing led to the other, and I spent a large…

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Failing the #100HappyDays challenge

I started the new year with a great online challenge that I was quite hopeful for. Unfortunately like the 71% reported (as of March 2014), I failed the challenge. I continued for 55 days really pushing myself to do it and then I just couldn’t bother anymore. I could use excuses like I had no…

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100 Happy Days: A new year list

I’ve realised while I keep saying I do not like lists, the last year has proved in fact I do not ‘dislike’ them. I am just lazy to make them. But after getting a diary as a gift last year (it’s pretty and Chinese), I’ve actually been very excited to write my projects in it….

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