Creative Mornings: Equality is a Moving Target

At my first Creative mornings session in Detroit, the presenter Brandon Christopher said something that has stayed with me. Equality is not a tangible thing. If you think you’ve arrived at equality, you’re fooling yourself. Equality is a moving target. As I mulled over it with a dose of women-oriented Indian films this last week,…

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The Elephant Step: A Weekly Round Up of Random News

At my fitness center, the instructor recently showed us¬†the Elephant step. It’s supposed to mimic the movements of cute little baby elephants running from pillar to post trying to lose baby fat. From wanting to quit at that exact moment to coming home dead in sweat, I’m beginning to internalize the elephant-ness of the move….

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If Not Now, When?

The Italian feminist grassroots movement, Se Non Ora Quando makes a powerful personal statement. If not now, when? What’s your threshold to make a difference, take a stand and change? It doesn’t need to be just feminism, but like Shay Shay says in the morning at 105.1- the bounce, what’s your jam? Topics that ¬†genuinely…

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