#30DaysofMusic: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

I sketch and paint frequently most of which I update on my Instagram account. But I’ve been a little lax at updating the project I started in the summer. Painting or sketching with music bringsĀ this weird finality with itself. It feels like the song just ends for me once I sketch it out. Nevertheless, I’ve…

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#30DaysofMusic: Radiohead, Creep

I’m not a Radiohead fan. It’s a band I’ve know for a while, and not really killed myself for. Like my husband does. Give him a pensive evening, he feels Radiohead like they’re in his head. I like music that reminds me to stay happy or fly away. Literally, take the cape and fly away…

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Pragnya: Naive passion

I think this post started as a part of a kitchen conversation on the side a few months ago. On the backdrop of Motorcycle diaries. Do you always know what your passion is, or do you travel inside to find it out? Should one have a passion? Learning Deutsch clearly helps me distinguish. ‘Sollen’ (should)…

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