The Headfake: Yin and Yang

Art meets Fashion
Sister’s birthday present via Art Meets Fashion

You have so many Gods. Very good idea.
Yes but primarily there are two energies male and female all others are derivations of those two. This is the female ‘energy’
Ok, like Adam and Eve
No but they are not men and women. They are just energies. Female represents environment/ earth
Ok, like yin & yang
Female is that which carries life.Yes perhaps that’s closer
Not so similar. For us Yin is female, equals darkness
But does dark mean bad?
Also called Qi. No no no, not bad, just keeps the balance nothing negative. Like the night and the day
What is Yang called?
Yang is the sun. Yin used to be the moon, but no one says it now. We have another word for the moon now now. Not like German. Moon is die. No no moon is der. Sun is die
der Mond. die Sonne

Since I saw the Last Lecture recently again, I remembered the ‘Headfake‘. Like learning German is. What you’re really learning is some else.

Note on the picture: Meanwhile, I love small enterprises. Sitting in Germany, I could get sister’s birthday gift custom made from Aarti who is the designer behind that beautiful clutch. I felt totally involved in the process ( it is hand-painted) and the communication was absolutely personal and timely. Exactly, what makes a small company worth visiting! I love the Internet enabling these entrepreneurs and allowing me to discover their art! It was the selection of the Goddess that led to the Yin/Yang of course.


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