The Oracle of my present world….

I think of all things the worst feeling in the world is knowing the fact that something is falling apart, and not being able to do anything about it.

Last night when I spoke to a random stranger, I felt like a two year old again. The world isn’t as I see it. It isn’t rose-tinted. People are not nice, always. I know all this. But the realization when it hits you doesn’t feel all right.

She talked to me like a perfect stranger who somehow knew it all and understood. It was unnerving. We hadn’t met before, and throughout the time I felt as if I was living a dream, I clearly remember asking my self, what is it that I am doing here, am I really here. I don’t know if she read that too.
We both half talked in our heads and it still made perfect sense. The most common phrase being “Oh! I know what you are saying!”
I left something behind and regained my smile. I came back with a perplexed look too. Sometimes, confusion isn’t easy to handle, is it?

  1. oracle huh!
    whats for take aways? what can i get from it?
    try poetry.
    will do better.
    -random surfer

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