The thirty-fourth way to stay creative…

There’s nothing exciting about Heathrow [my first far away flight alone was BA]. It used to be the worst airport till I saw Newark, which is a million times worse-er. But like my high school which is inherently the place where I dream all my dreams [even dreams with people who are not from high school…irritating, but still…]. So most of my travel dreams happen in Heathrow. Or in the train connecting Victoria [my absolute favourite train station for no reason] and Heathrow with green seats. I have no idea why! [ my favourite airport is Schiphol: they have the best post cards]. But then I’ve not discovered how you consciously choose places where dreams go, or to whom, for that matter.

Mother says, if I have a bad dream, I should say it in the loo and literally flush it out of my system. In short, she refuses to hear mine. But I almost have a need to think about them, the moment I wake up. On rarer days I wake up in the middle of the night, at three-twelve, part happy that it’s not time to wake up yet and distraught and wanting to recount the dream. It’s uncanny how I remember the details most times. The seats were green and the time was six-fourteen, like that. Last night was different though. I felt the dream. I don’t think that’s uncommon. But it’s not so frequent for me to feel so. I felt a tear on my neck [of course at Heathrow]. And I immediately opened my phone to write a mail, saying, oh, you know and blah. I recalled my mother’s saying. Unwanted drama needs to unfold on the blog hence, not in a pointless email. [Everyone can’t like my randomness, except my blog, of course]. I really think I should keep a dream-notebook and record my subconscious creativity.

From There was once I was asked
if I had a tattoo. It was hard to decide,
which one, so.  This could’ve been one.

Talking of creativity, here’s are 33 (not less!) ways to stay creative!

Agassi’s trainer Gil says, qué lindo es soñar despierto – how nice is it to have a dream while you’re awake. I’m going to say, awake or asleep, how lovely is it to remember it. That’s #34, to me. To sleep—perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub! For in that sleep of death what dreams may come…

Also my favourite feel good website linked with the picture. There’s a reason I could never decide on a tattoo.

PS: Shakespeare aids dreams, I think, even if they mean nothing.

  1. Upasna,

    Dreams are based on what is in your mind just as you are drifting off to sleep. So do try to recollect what was it but that is not easy.

    Take care

  2. tanvi- I hardly forget my dreams…I think Im kinda obsessive every day :S, I think I’ll be excited abt what I choose too!

    Bird- Very wow! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Neha- haha I know many copy writers, I want to check with them now 😉

    Rohit- I happily told the mother about Tattoo, and her response was “kya bi goy” 😀

  4. Do you know a lot of copy writers do this? They sleep over an assignment before they get down to putting words to their imagination! I know some personally.. and it’s awesome to see how it works!
    P.S: Get a tattoo! Please!! Sleep over the idea of what you want.. something will occur to you! Sooner than later.. And you being you, they should ideally be words! Perfecto!

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