The Tutu Project: Deutsche Telekom

Der Mann im rosa Tutu: The man in the Pink Tutu.

I’m not a TV person at all. And yet in between the reality shows that I’m finding myself leaning towards (allowed by the little German that I can understand), I found the Tutu Project by Bob Carey. Bob’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer and that’s when he decided to don the Pink Tutu and click photographs of himself. Later they self-published a book called “Ballerina”- the sales of which go to the Carey Foundation (for women with breast cancer), a non-profit, to help women who are not covered by medical insurance.

This sounds like just another “social-media” project, but what’s amazing is that Telekom decided to pick this story up for a TV-spot. Comes a long way from telecom companies who didn’t want to be seen as a ‘dumb-pipe‘, but instead Telekom here has gone ahead and reversed it, but focusing on stories instead of themselves. Talking about sharing as a culture, and real people’s reactions and emotions instead of tools, devices or whether their network works, making themselves more relevant in the process.

“Wir stellen das Teilen von besonderen Momenten in den Mittelpunkt unserer Kommunikation, um die Relevanz der heutigen Telekommunikations¬≠technologien zu verdeutlichen”- Hans-Christian Schwingen, Head of Branding, Telekom

We’re making sharing of special moments is the mainstay of our communication to clarify the relevance of today’s telecommunication technologies- Telekom, Head of Branding

It’s absolutely refreshing to see where they place value and what a great way to extend support for fund raising for the Tutu Project- the Carey Foundation and women suffering from breast cancer. So cool Telekom- may not make me buy your service but definitely makes me feel better about your brand!

Sharing my favourite frame from the video here-

The Tutu Project
The Tutu Project- picture via YouTube linked above