This day, 2 years ago…

The other day Vishal and I were discussing my unusually boring phone habits (I find phone calls unnerving most times, if I am calling someone, it’s a huge deal, just to part with my space). And then, as usual, Vishal shot back a very detail oriented question, on what do you do with the space?

Then, I just read a tweet from Shruti: “around this time, 2 years ago” and since I do maintain a record inadvertently (in the cloud) I was yearning to find the cool stuff I was doing this day, 2 years ago, with the all my space. So well,

  • I wrote to a professor in Australia asking if I could enroll for his creative writing class, I was also talking to a publisher to have my play printed. I could still do the former and I dread the later (thank God, I didn’t)
  • Papa sent me “a gem of an article” from the first woman to work in a Telco ( Tata motors) factory. He always alleviates my engineering degree to another level. 
  • I told the world about the goodness of the Delhi Half marathon. The photo is me this year!
  • I tried finding out how I could go for the Tata Jagriti Yatra! [ There’s hardly been a day, that I do not day-dream travel]
  • Rahul Khanna replied to my tweet! I was so kicked hehe!

Sometimes I feel nothing has changed, I could still see myself doing the same sort of shit, and yet, I feel so much more travelled.

Do you recall your 2 year old boredom?
  1. Y- hehe, I think I have that question every december! 🙂 And when I was in infosys, I was run shy ! I am so glad I am at peace with my tortoise pace now!

    P- ha! I almost miss sems sometimes! 🙂

  2. an year ago, I was off a friend’s wedding hangover and back to asking ‘what shall I do in life’ questions 😀

    gosh, thank god 2010 is over and so will 2011 be.

    on another note, you ran the half marathon!! the only one I have managed is the infosys one!!

  3. yeah..for some strange reason..i can remember!!!
    hey you ran the marathon..i became a spectator by coincidence(i now live bang opposite to JLN stadium!!!) and also ran a bit along with the participants on the great run!!

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