1. Personally I share only on twitter and its a mix of a lot of things. But I have to agree that when it comes to impact, positivity, awe inspiring stuff wins me over the sad stuff.
    Also is there a category for oversharing just one’s location ? A lot of times I am not sure people are trying to share any particular state of mind. They are just sharing because they can. Or is it just me ? Probably unrelated here.

    1. sharing a location is a great one, people like “checking-in” but I wonder how many are doing that for boring places. Many more seem to do it for places they would like to be associated with. Maybe it addresses a coolness need in them. Checked-in at Starbucks and not McDonald’s (except if McDonald’s after beer in Budapest!) or that I have a smartphone which allows a check-in 😀

    1. ha! I like amusing information personally a lot 🙂 I do not mind sharing it publicly.

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