Wee things..

London Victoria, 8th feb

8pm: Was talking with Tom Bromley, Half a world away and he tells me about the Newton Bridge, near Queens College, which Newton built by placing the planks at the correct angles, calculating the forces and pressure and made the bridge out of Mathematics and no bolts. After he died, to understand how it works, some people dismantled it and could never put it together. It stands there now with bolts attached to it.
Tom says, that’s the reason why people in relationships never talk about love.

9pm: As I think about Newton’s bridge a random stranger walks to me and out of the blue I am asked if I am ok. Getting back to Victoria, I say yes. And he just says that he’s seen me there earlier also, and was wondering if I am alright. I was there earlier waiting for my coach, I respond. He leaves in a hurry and hands me a fortune cookie. I forget all about it till I actually get into the coach and unravel the fortune the cookie holds.
I break the cookie to get my hands on a flimsy paper which holds the fortune.
You will get all good things in life, if you wait.
Irony! 🙂


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