A week of flying colours! :)

I’ve had a strange month. Mid-way there’s been stress, the fear of becoming fat like a pig again, weird communication from others, immaturity and not knowing how to deal with it. Also, strong panic attacks. However, I am convinced to call it the week of flying colours, lest I lose the feeling again.

week of flying colours

~The MBA results are out, and it’s all been done *tadaa*
~The reason I hardly have a group in Munich is because for the last 5 months, all I did was work and write. Not because I was dreadful. Writing is lonesome. As I’m growing up, people to spend time with is a requirement. Friendship is not. I feel satisfied with the friends I have. Even just myself. It is liberating.
~I came across some fantastic projects, please have a look, they are delightful: uppingtheaunty, pre-destination, Ami.

Upasna Kakroo