What is ‘your’ Internet experience in India?

I am re-working my time-line. What is the Internet for you? How did it manifest?

2000: I got to my neighbourhood Aptech centre for a small computer (including Internet) course

2003: I first blogged [-a web log in the online space then] in 2003. The reason was because in my first internship (ever) as a student, I was bored (this being pre-Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest times). My first blog was on ‘rediff’

what is internet experience in India

2004: In my first job in Infy, I got exposed to a very well functioning corporate intranet (Sparsh). However,  Infosys had a policy then to make trainees share computers and allow the Internet only for 1 hour in the day. Emergencies meant going to a paid cafe in the large campus. I got introduced to Orkut in that 1 hour Internet time period. Surely Infy has a social media team now 🙂

2005: In Glasgow, I started shopping online very matter of factly. Orkut was at its Indian prime, and people in Infy discovered proxies after it was (probably) blocked. I got a blogspot blog!

2007: Orkut got blocked in my local office in McKinsey. There was mass migration to Facebook. Of course even though I never understand blocking, people were commenting more on Facebook than talking, but that’s that.

2008: In my local office in McKinsey we decided to launch a local intranet ‘Spandan’ that I really enjoyed and led noticing people still wanted to share publicly on Facebook than privately on a corporate network 🙂 My boss at that time asked me why I was on Facebook (how about real friends).

2010: I noticed everyone was getting online. Everyone had a blog. Usually on Fashion.

2012: Grandmother got on Facebook.

2013: I got a secret blog. And de-secreted it after the first six months.

It’s been ten years and this blog, ideas and the online space in general has undergone a massive change including how people express themselves on various online platforms. I am currently working on a project to see how South Asia women express differently using the online space – broadly the Internet, especially given the fact that they can traditionally be seen as a ‘muted’ group. For this I spoke with a few women so far, and during our discussions, I drew an image of the evolution of Internet as I had seen and understood in India.

What would you add or alter? Did you have a different experience online?