Why do you blog ?

A friend of mine recently commented on my re-newed Pinterest activity and said, oh this can help your blog. I thought momentarily and snapped saying, I do not blog for money. At Someplace Else, that is true. This is a personal blog. I talk about people and services that make me happy and all of it is earned not paid.

postcards from new york
A postcard arrived in 2013

At this point I can perhaps talk about my utter disappointment of Whatsapp being sold out to Facebook. My first reaction was of disappointment, and somehow that’s not changed. The fan in me died several times with the news. Maybe it is the fact that I live in Germany and am getting sensitive about my data by and by. Although, in the most non-German way, I do share a lot of me and a lot of personal data on this blog without much push.

The reason I am willing to be authentic here and share-without monetary incentives- is not to say that there isn’t an incentive at all. I blog to connect. In the past many years, and especially in the past week, I’ve connected with so many kind souls who respond, help and share their views in most humbling ways. That makes me want to write here. Even in the midst of no internet (frustrating is not just a word) while again being the babe in a new old city.

postcards in love
It spoke to Someplace Else

Oh that, and postcards. I write to earn more of these from people who watch other people for four hours and make lists.

Why do you blog?

  1. Upasna,

    Visiting after a long time. Managed to read 3 posts. It is true that Anxiety is like rocking chair. More you rock more it moves. One must have human touch while dealing with others, not that one should forget the main goal but do not become a robot. One should write for own satisfaction and not for any material gain. I write sharing my experiences with a hope that it may be of use to someone.

    Take care

  2. There were the glory days when I used to blog to entertain my followers and win their comments. Now I just blog to comment on myself. I find that also ‘nicht schlecht’

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