Why my dad is a Superhero: Millennium India Education Foundation

I’m writing this post because my dad is a superhero. My dad is habitually on the phone all the time because there are ten thousand people who keep calling him and he’s compulsively helping them. Whether it is relatives who want to see doctors, or just anyone on the street, both my parents are extremely liberal about being kind. It’s the sort of kind I think I am still too young to grasp.

Dr Uday Kakroo, founder MIEF India
Also the secret of my super wavy mop and my drive

It took me a while to realise he is a superhero. We were driving on the DND getting home from Moolchand. I was hugely upset while he was worried. That’s when I realised it first. He wasn’t the one who would go about being sophisticated on his high horse and demand respect by force. Even while being worried he was trying to be logical.

His ideas sounded simple and yet they were particularly significant. Not only because they created strong impact. But because he was creating when there were no tangible or monetary returns. Many people accused him of being greedy and wanting so much more to justify their own lack of ambitions or ideas. But that’s never stopped him from being involved and helping build so many new ideas especially in young minds.
I always thought there were two sets of people, the ones that didn’t feel the need to make anyone else happy, the ones that needed to be happy themselves to make others happy. He is the third kind, making others happy because that’s what good people do.

My dad started with Millennium India Education Foundation (MIEF) in 2003 and it’s been 10 years later that we eventually are getting it online. I’ve always been proud of him. But this last month since I’ve been helping to get it online feels like all the pride in his superhero abilities got consolidated. Many people talk about the issues of our vast country, a few do something about it. Many only just make fun on Twitter. It takes even more strength to give- in spite of being rendered homeless at a moment’s notice. I feel very privileged to have seen, what my mother often calls- raising the bar of our life. Maybe one day I can do that too.

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