You pet, I peeve

When I was much younger, in the summer of 2005, I worked with a very nice boss (really nice) and would often ask him ‘profound’ questions right in the morning. I was always so curious. During those days I used to (like a dud) have a line in my signature (also the time I was Fountainhead obsessed), which said this-

To say I love you, you must first know how to say the I. 
 (Though, having said that I always loved Galt more than Roark)

Boss found it amusing. And asked me where I get all these fancy lines from. At that time I was into it. I grew up then. And real life took over. I still find it fancy sometimes to get back to these sort of conversations. For pure amusement, not beliefs. I think beliefs were built over time, though I have to admit, Galt influenced me, when I felt all grown up, but really wasn’t. That’s another story?

Growing up has also quietened me. Largely. I no longer want to comment on people’s lifestyles and choices. I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to do so. In fact I am so mild sometimes, that people think I am a socialist. Imagine that now.

Though before my sister reads this and vehemently disagrees, I do occasionally talk *about others* and *am judgmental* with people who I like and know. Because I can afford to?  Because they understand where I come from. Curious orange cat, you may say

However, I saw a post today [chocolates for guessing who ;-)] and it’s not uncommon really (even on everyday Twitter), which was interesting ( Just that I notice. Everytime. And I’m feeling cat enough to share my wonder you can ignore, judge.

1) I know you can write and publish and that it’s free
2) I know I don’t have to read it
3) I know you’re not 16…or 20 even

Aber, why do you think everyone else in the world is charmed by you?

It’s good to have a positive self-image. It’s delusional to have no self-introspection and communicate in a way that you believe people reading you are desperate for your ‘tips’ and consider you the next big thing. That’s just being vain. Albeit, if you were all very charming and nice, the fan club would come naturally. Like at work, you shouldn’t have to fake seniority, people should feel it. All basics, one may argue.

And now that we did broach on the topic, I was not vanity, but egocentricity. Vastly different don’t you think?

  1. I sort of like this a LOT and am now madly curious as to who you’re talking about 😉 I too have some blogger black list in the back of my mind that’s always working and on a good day gets a little catty 😉

  2. I think I never let go of the platform 🙂 And I don’t think one has to market nice, infact if it is marketed too much, it loses charm 🙂

  3. “If you were charming and nice, the fan club would come naturally”.

    How important is the “and” in that line? That question bugs me a lot.. Why does one have to market his/her niceness?

    PS: Coming back after a long time.. I’m amazed that you’re the only one who still regularly blogs, from among the 2005 folks! 😛

  4. Y- Touch wood for them bosses and then, now, you know!

    S-Actually I think we get even more judgmental (as our own ideas get fixed more) but we learn to choose not to talk them out.

    Jack Uncle- Yes pretty much, the problem is more often with what we do.

    Neeti- 🙂 we should talk! All my idealism brims up occasionally and takes me back to Galt. It’s funny, I must’ve told you, I’ve never re-read those books. Largely I’m glad I’m off that phase. Borrowed wisdom, even if I agree with it, plays tricks with the head sometimes.

  5. Hey girl,
    Very refreshing post 🙂
    Was smiling right from when i read “when i was much 2005” 😀
    was actually gonna ask you one of these days ..whether you are still in the fountainhead phase.. 🙂
    we need to talk!

  6. Upasna,

    One should be proud but never vain. A leader must command respect by setting example and not demand it. Am I right in deducing what you said?

    Take care

  7. I think we all tend to get less judgmental with time(or more so, in some cases)….reading your post reminded of one of my boss, who used to ask me profound questions, not in the morning though, but always in the middle of a stressful work related discussion….. !!

  8. haha! even I NEED to KNOW!! 😀

    on the ayn rand phase generally, I used to have a tough time telling friends/family about egocentricity and then had equally tougher time growing out of ‘the substitute world’ 😉

    also, I miss having nicer boss(es). But then I have always got nicest boss(es) 😀

  9. tanvi- I’m so glad u agree 😉

    N- hehe I know I used to use lines from the book and talk of characters like they were real. But Galt is, isn’t he? 😉

  10. tee hee..agree with tanvi! it is a sneaky post 😛
    btw, I totally agree with the whole ‘being obsessed with fountainhead’ phase. At those times I would randomly use lines from the book while talking to my parents. They were amused, to put it mildly!

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