After uneasy conversations laced with summer crankiness, saved for each other, we find us an afternoon escape.

With studied brightness. Subdued colours that appear sharper, as we let our eyes feel in.

Others look away dispassionately. Their vintage eyes witness to many a pair before.

Your eyes mock at my oft Mediterranean sensibilities.

I shyly allude to your obsession with the sea. Almost instantly, you start off listing the merits. Of course, I listlessly nod. How consistent, I let myself be thrown away a little, gaily.

They find ways to get us the bill. We look dazed, seldom out-coloured.

P.S.: Zo, Hauz Khas, Delhi

  1. Thanks Jack uncle!

    Tanvi- Yes, and I’d also be eager to show you the vintage shops round the corner there 🙂

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